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Why I feel Murderer’s Creed Odyssey shall be set earlier than Origins


This morning I was the Pepe Silvia meme of Charlie in It’s At all times Sunny in Philadelphia as a result of Murderer’s Creed Odyssey was introduced and I don’t know find out how to take information at face worth and wait patiently to listen to extra.

There are, understandably, a number of rumors swirling round about Murderer’s Creed Odyssey in the meanwhile close to its setting in time and place. It’s broadly accepted in the meanwhile that Murderer’s Creed Odyssey goes to be set in Historical Greece.

The brief clip proven of the sport actually appears to counsel it will likely be set in Historical Greece; not solely as a result of we’ve got what seems to be like a Spartan soldier correctly 300-ing what may very well be an Athenian soldier off a cliff, but in addition as a result of the top of the trailer exhibits the image typically seen on Spartan shields, with the long-lasting Spartan helmet beneath it.

Is that this Sparta?

In line with Kotaku, sources near Ubisoft have stated that the sport is a direct sequel to Origins however to incorporate these historic Greek figures and the Spartans, we’d must go to a time lots of of years earlier than the story of Origins. Apparently, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has stated there are additionally sources who’ve performed the sport who say that it’s set lots of of years earlier than it.

So what’s occurring then? How can a recreation be set lots of of years earlier than and nonetheless be referred to as a sequel?

Effectively, if we’ve discovered something from Murderer’s Creed it’s that chronology doesn’t actually imply a lot. You do not should be going ahead in time to proceed to inform a narrative.

I’ve been doing a little conspiring that makes me really feel completely sure that Murderer’s Creed Odyssey shall be a sequel to Origins, merely within the thematic sense that it’ll proceed to inform how the concepts and instruments of the Murderer’s brotherhood have been shaped, slightly than that it will likely be a direct chronological continuation. 

Sequel not sequential

It’s the Spartan image on the finish of the announcement trailer that bought me questioning. There’s no denying that it’s the image of Sparta, but it surely additionally seems to be like the highest of the Murderer’s insignia, which, in flip, seems to be like the purpose of a hidden blade. 

In the event you see the curved based mostly of the official Insignia as an eagle in flight, as I did, you’ll in all probability begin to see the place I’m going with this. 

Left: Murderer’s Insignia

Proper: Murderer’s Insignia sans eagle

Whereas Murderer’s Creed Origins confirmed us the daybreak of the time period for the brotherhood’s Eagle Imaginative and prescient, I’m certain Odyssey will take us additional again in time to inform us the origin story of the hidden blade. 

In Murderer’s Creed Origins, Aya offers Bayek a hidden blade which she says that after belonged to an murderer referred to as Darius. 

Darius appeared in Murderer’s Creed 2 when Ezio’s uncle confirmed him statues of the figures behind the formation of the Brotherhood. We see a statue of Darius alongside Amunet (who we now know to be Origins’ Aya) and discover out that he assassinated the Persian King Xerxes throughout the Greco-Persian wars utilizing the hidden blade Aya has in Origins. 

The hidden blade story

The time of Darius’ use of the hidden blade would completely match with the proposed historic Greek setting of Odyssey because the Spartans have been a key power in defeating the Persians. It was a pan-Greek effort, however the Spartans all the time stand out – simply have a look at the battle of Thermopylae. Though it might be taking us backwards in time, it might proceed to inform the story of the concepts and instruments that got here collectively to create the Murderer’s Brotherhood. 

We noticed the early model of Eagle Imaginative and prescient with Bayek, which might make up the wing-like base of the Murderer insignia, now we might see the origin story of the hidden blade which tops it.

That is to not say any murderer in Odyssey would not have some type of Eagle imaginative and prescient – it is a sense that assassins are in a position to faucet into in spite of everything – however we would be at a cut-off date earlier than the story and the murderer that gave the talent its title which might clarify why that is the primary recreation we’ve seen for the collection that doesn’t have the absolutely intact Murderer’s insignia.

Or, I would want a lie down earlier than I am going full Dan Brown. Regardless, figuring out subsequent to nothing a few recreation earlier than it’s launch is without doubt one of the most fun components of it.