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How to Double Internet Speed With This Settings

How To Increase Internet Speed

There is no magical way to Double Internet Speed but there are some configurations that will make your Internet speed faster than before.

DNS and Your internet velocity

The DNS is just like the internet’s phonebook, mapping website names like “about.com” to a selected laptop (or computer systems) wherein the website is hosted.

whilst you try and get admission to a website, your laptop has to look up the addresses, and your desire of DNS server can affect how rapid an internet site masses.

The network settings to your pc, router, and/or get entry to a factor will let you specify which DNS servers (number one and secondary) to apply. by using the default, those are possibly set by means of your internet carrier issuer, however, there may be faster ones to use.

locate the excellent DNS Server

numerous utilities can help you find the satisfactory DNS server via walking benchmarks checking out how speedy DNS nameservers respond in your location.

GRC’s DNS Benchmark is an excellent tool for home windows and Linux customers, and namebench is a short and easy tool that runs on Mac, home windows, and Unix.

Here’s how to use the unfastened open supply namebench software (it should work similarly in GRC’s DNS Benchmark):
First, download and set up the app.

whilst you first begin it up, you’ll be asked to enter your current nameserver. you can find this fact in numerous ways:
On windows, go to start -> Run and type in cmd. Press enter. inside the new MS-DOS window, kind ipconfig /all. search for the line that asserts “DNS Servers” and the wide variety beside it for the DNS server deal with.

On a Mac, open a Terminal window by using going to packages > Utilities > Terminal. type in cat, then space and then /etc/resolv.conf. If you have not modified your DNS server, most possibly it’s your ISP’s default DNS servers.

In namebench, type in your present-day nameserver, then click Begin. In a couple of minutes, a new browser web page will open with your benchmarking results: The encouraged primary, secondary, and tertiary DNS servers to get a quicker internet connection speed than the only you’re presently the use of.

you will see a list of examined DNS servers and the way long they took to load web pages. Write down the numbers to your advocated servers.

Now you could alternate your DNS server on either your pc(s) or your router.

Exchange Your Router’s DNS Servers

if you have more than one gadgets or buddies and family who might be connecting in your community, you have to make the trade on your router.

Head over to your router’s management web page (usually something like and look for the segment where you can specify DNS servers (it is able to be within the “advanced” phase).

Write down the addresses there for destiny reference, then replace them with the advocated DNS servers addresses. Now, each laptop or tool that receives its addresses automatically from your router will be up to date with those DNS servers for quicker web surfing.

Alternate Your laptop’s DNS Servers

Alternately, you may modify the DNS servers on every computer or device. go to the network adapter settings for your pc and input inside the DNS server addresses.


Test outcomes confirmed a 132.1 percentage development from the usage of Google’s DNS servers over the usage of the stock DNS servers, however in actual international utilization, it may not be precise that a good deal faster.

still, this one tweak would possibly get you eventually feel like you have got a blazing connection to the internet.

Every other alternate DNS server you would possibly want to attempt is OpenDNS, which provides additional features like parental controls and built-in phishing safety.