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The New Nokia 3310 4G Need’s Android In India

Nokia 3310 Series

At the point when Nokia first propelled the 2017 release of the 3310, I composed a story clarifying why it ought to be a 4G cell phone. At the time, Reliance Jio was planning to dispatch the JioPhone in India, something numerous idea would be an “unrest”.

In any case, the Nokia 3310 ended up being a telephone that endeavored to monetize sentimentality. It was a 2G telephone in a 4G world, and analysts like me rushed to expel it.

In fact, we don’t have measurements on how much this telephone really sold. However, any reasonable person would agree that the Nokia 3310 (2017) was a fizzled item, in any event from a pundits perspective. For this situation, mine. Be that as it may, HMD Global is presently said to chip away at a 4G adaptation of the item, evidently tying up with Reliance Jio for the same. Have they at last woken up?

Be that as it may, do we require it now?

A year thus, the JioPhone is among us, just like a plenty of other 4G highlight telephones or ease 4G cell phones. Likewise, with Nokia’s whole cell phone line, the Nokia 3310 is additionally late to the gathering.

As a matter of fact, the JioPhone has been out of stock for most of its life cycle, while there’s no word on what number of Micromax Bharat telephones have been sold. Be that as it may, we do have numerous alternatives as of now in the 4G highlight telephones and minimal effort

In 2017, a 4G Nokia 3310 would have been the ideal blend of wistfulness and helpfulness. It would have been the harm evidence include telephone with present-day style and availability. It can at present be that, however, nobody’s truly making that inquiry any longer. Rather, the inquiries HMD Global will be looked with are,

Does this have WhatsApp?

Would I be able to peruse Facebook?

Etcetera… .

What’s more, the responses to each one of those inquiries will be no. The Nokia 3310 (2017) doesn’t bolster WhatsApp, and there’s no motivation to think this new one will either. Be that as it may, in this lies a wind.


A year ago’s telephone ran Nokia’s Series 30+ OS, a genuinely hamstrung programming for 2017. Be that as it may, this new one keeps running on YunOS, a fork of Android made by Chinese monster Alibaba. I’ve had the favorable luck to collaborate with YunOS in my numerous treks to China, and I need to let it be known’s amazing programming.

YunOS is on TVs, telephones, and even home cleaning robots. While Series 30+ needs application support of any genuine indication of innovation, YunOS is at the cutting edge of the present programming, in any event from an element telephone perspective.

Be that as it may, at that point, YunOS has never been seen outside China either. Would this be the telephone that at long last gets Alibaba’s product crosswise over outskirts? Impossible, however, it could mean HMD Global will run a forked form of Android (much like Micromax’s Bharat 1) here in India. What’s more, it would bode well, if the organization needs to exploit 4G network. If not, it’s only a convenient Internet dongle that costs you three-odd thousand bucks.

With Android at its center, the Nokia 3310 could really be a “premium” 4G highlight telephone, something this market genuinely needs. A tremendous piece of the Indian market still uses highlight telephones, and for that market, the Nokia 3310 could all of a sudden turn into an indication of fortune.

“Highlight telephones remain the overwhelming class in the aggregate cell phone showcase, with yearly shipments of 136.1 million units. The classification declined by just 9.4 percent in CY2016 when contrasted with 16.2 percent in CY2015,” said a report by the International Data Corporation, in February a year ago.

4G availability isn’t sufficient

Basically, if Nokia, or HMD Global, is to offer a 4G Nokia 3310 in India, it must run Android. If not, it’s extremely the component telephone likeness the OnePlus 5 and 5T. It’s a redesign for an update. At any rate, HMD Global should include bolster for applications like WhatsApp and immensely enhance the applications it has.

Given that Series 30+ isn’t able to do significantly more, it’s impossible that that will happen. For an organization that offers cell phones on the “Unadulterated, secure and dependably progressive”, it shouldn’t take much to understand the significance of Android here.